Run the Jewels: Which Is Their Best Album? 

Written by on 22 July 2020

Run the Jewels: Which Is Their Best Album?    With their latest album, Run the Jewels 4 dropping in June 2020, the rave reviews have been flying around.    Run the Jewels are pretty much the saviours of hip hop. Their intense sound mixes social activism, dark humour and some of the baddest head nodding-est […]

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2020: The Year the Music Industry Got Fucked

Written by on 25 June 2020

I bet, in about January 2020, you were stoked for the whole summer of music fun and frolics. Weren’t we all, eh. “Yeah, I’ve already got tickets for this boutique festival in a quarry in Dorset, then the week after me and the boys are gonna go to Serbia to rave in this castle. Probably […]

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