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Having grown up surrounded by music Vibes was actively encouraged to play musical instruments and perform. So it was only natural that this art form, encompassing all genres, would become a key element in his development from a young age to now. The icing on the cake was when Vibes discovered Hip Hop around 10 years old, from then he has never looked back becoming an accomplished MC himself for many years. He even managed to bring his mother on side, and to this day it’s not uncommon for her to request a little Tupac or Warren G every now and then.


With his weekly ‘Super Duper Missile’ show, Vibes aims to share his love for rhyming culture and music in general with the wider world in an effort to break down genre barriers and stereotypes, encouraging understanding and acceptance through music. Vibes fully believes music, and rhyming culture especially, can be the catalyst that changes the world for the better, sparking a revolution of love and unity. If that doesn’t turn out to be the case then at least he can bring the people some good vibes for their soul.


Hip Hop is for the people.