I bet, in about January 2020, you were stoked for the whole summer of music fun and frolics. Weren’t we all, eh.

“Yeah, I’ve already got tickets for this boutique festival in a quarry in Dorset, then the week after me and the boys are gonna go to Serbia to rave in this castle. Probably go to ‘Beefa at least twice, and my mate Jonno knows how to get into Bestival for free…”

And then Covid came and pissed all over them plans, right. 


If you’re like me you probably know a few people whose professional music careers were boned over too. From a dream job to a fucking nightmare in the space of a couple of weeks in March.

The music industry in 2020 has been shafted to almost the same extent as the tourism industry. Festivals cancelled, venues closed, gigs out of the question for the foreseeable.

For those big DJs and music stars, it’s probably not that big a deal. Tiesto and Diplo have most likely got enough cocaine in the larder to last them until at least New Year 2022. 

But the majority of musicians aren’t in this premier league of elites making thousands for a half hour set. Most are side hustling from their day jobs, or living hand to mouth as they try and live the dream.

Basically, Covid has royally fucked the entertainment industry and who knows when you’ll be able to check out live music again.

Anyways, the point of this article isn’t to start asking you to pay to listen to live gigs on the internet. Don’t worry, there’s no demand for your money at all in this article. Well, unless you’re feeling generous. 

The thing that has really amped up this year, at least in my circles, is the love of internet radio and podcasts. 

Spotify is all well and good, but I love a good DJ mix. Especially if it’s some interesting music from someone who knows their shit. 

Yeah I know listening to online music radio is nothing new. We’ve got bare radio stations on TuneIn, and you can check out sick mixes for days on Mixcloud.

But it seems that the lockdown has changed opinions to listening to online music. Well, it’s the only option now isn’t it…

A good mix or podcast can be the perfect accompaniment to trying to do yoga while a toddler climbs on you. Or if you’re trying to cook dinner and avoid said toddler asking you to play the same game for the 90th time. Or if you just need to go for a walk and listen to some banging music so you don’t have to listen to Baby Shark. Again. See a recurring theme here?


OK, you don’t need a toddler to enjoy live music online. Although it’s kinda a good reason to bury your head in some cans.

Point being, the music industry might have been royally fucked in 2020, but the future is bright for online radio. 

And, that brings us neatly to AMG Radio

What are we about? We just wanna keep the music alive maaaaan.


Our thing is playing you dope tunes that you might or might know. We’ve got a nice roster of DJ’s playing everything from random old skool funk and hip hop to cutting edge electronic noises. 

We want you to brock out in your kitchen while you make your vegan casserole. We wanna be the soundtrack to standing in the queue for Sainsbury’s. 


In short, we wanna make 2020 a little bit less shit. 

Put us in your speakers and let’s tell Covid where it can go. Not fucking Bestival or Outlook thats for sure…


Words by Oli Lynch

Oli used to be a DJ but got bored of it and now spends his time listening to other DJs. You can check out rants and opinions on his blog over at olilynch.com.